Blackpool disaster averted by Fire Sprinklers

Automatic Fire Sprinklers controlled a fire at a florist’s shop on Blackpool Promenade, saving the Coral Island leisure complex from disaster. Lancashire’s chief fire officer Peter Holland said: “Fires often develop rapidly and immense damage can result if left unchecked, not least due to the spread of fire to property and premises some distance away […]

Fire near Ibrox Stadium causes residential evacuation

Choking fumes from a fire at a Glasgow Tyre Storage Centre near Ranger’s Ibrox Stadium caused around 30 residents to be evacuated from their homes as firefighters battled to gain control. Tyres are deemed to be a Category IV stored goods under Technical Bulletin 217 of BS EN: 12845; amongst the most volatile of flammable […]

Sprinklers limit the damage caused by two fires

This week has seen Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems limit the damage caused by fire in two separate incidents. A retail premises in Ilkeston, Derbyshire suffered a fire in their warehouse area, the cause of which is still unknown. After early alarm was raised by the Fire Detection System the Fire Sprinkler System automatically activated, controlling […]

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