EconAqua is the only low-pressure water mist system to have a recognised european approval and Fire Security (Sprinkler Installations) Ltd are one of only four UK licensees accredited to supply, install and maintain the system.

A water mist system works in a very similar way to a traditional sprinkler system however the innovative design means that water supply demands can be dramatically reduced resulting in smaller tank and pipe sizes.

The water mist technology utilizes the physical properties of the water more efficiently than classic water fire suppression systems. The water is emitted through special nozzles and sprinklers as a very fine spray under increased operating pressures. The result is a larger total surface of the water, allowing it to absorb heat and to evaporate more quickly. The cooling and smothering effect allows for particularly effective firefighting using a minimum amount of water.

Although the range of application for which any water mist sprinkler system can be used is limited, they are suitable for the following:

Government buildings
Railway stations
Office and administration buildings
Hospitals, senior citizen’s homes and other care facilities
Multi-story car parks
Schools, universities and other educational establishments
Penal institutions and approved schools
Underground car parks
Hostels and apartment houses

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