Environmental Permits – Fire Suppression

Government Guidance. Further to new guidance this year from the Environment agency. There are requirements for waste and recycling facilities in the UK to install fire suppression systems in their facilities. Below are the requirements for Fire Suppression. We believe that this is extremely important as fires within waste recycling facilities are on the increase. Sprinklers […]

‘Did you know?’ Fire Sprinkler System

Seems like Fire Security come across the same questions on Fire Sprinkler Systems. Either the information is not being provided or, the questions go unanswered. How reliable are Fire Sprinkler Systems? Fire sprinkler systems are arguably the most robust and reliable fire safety device in today’s market. As a result, 96% of fires in sprinkler-protected buildings […]

Weekly Testing Sprinkler System

The fire brigade are being hailed unnecessarily to a number of schools. Since the time of our emergency services is very valuable we would like to avoid this issue. And so we have got to work solving the problem. Testing your Pump Switches On the rare occasion that the switches on the pumps fall out of […]

FSSI become a Member of BIFM

Fire Security (Sprinkler Installations) Ltd investing into long term development program by becoming a Corporate Member of BIFM in 2016 FSSI are proud to announce further commitment by becoming the first specialist fire sprinkler service provider to become a Corporate member of BIFM corporation. We are delighted to become a member of one of the […]

Viewpoint: Government plans to abandon expectations of Sprinklers in new schools

Fire Safety Design for Schools BB100 Since its inception in 2007, the Department for Education’s Building Bulletin 100 (BB100) “Fire Safety Design for Schools” has promoted the installation of Fire Sprinklers in new schools based upon a risk-assessed approach.  However, with proposed revisions stating that “BB100 no longer includes an expectation that most new school […]

Did You Know? – ST 4 In-Rack Protection

ST4 In-Rack Sprinkler Protection. Since 2014 when TB234 was first issued. All in-rack protection pertaining to ‘ST4 Pallet Racking’ was changed. It now requires horizontal sprinkler locations at every transverse flue, at a vertical spacing of 3.5 metres or every second tier level (whichever is lesser). Prior to the issue of TB234, in-rack protection for […]

Sprinkler Design Engineer

We’re recruiting: Sprinkler Design Engineer

Due to continued and steady growth, we now have a truly exciting opportunity for an experienced Fire Sprinkler Design Engineer to join our expanding Project Team at our head office in Haverhill, Suffolk. We seek a highly motivated and well-organised individual able to demonstrate a positive attitude to work. Candidates must hold the LPCB’s Basic, […]

The Wait Is Over!

Welcome to our new and improved website. 2015 was an exciting year and we envisage 2016 to be even more so. We have invested heavily into an exciting continual improvement program, which has seen numerous changes made to Fire Security (Sprinkler Installations) Ltd. We’ll be using this medium to communicate these changes, Company news and […]

Fire Safety Accreditations