Fire Security (Sprinkler Installations) Ltd investing into long term development program by becoming a Corporate Member of BIFM in 2016

FSSI are proud to announce further commitment by becoming the first specialist fire sprinkler service provider to become a Corporate member of BIFM corporation.

We are delighted to become a member of one of the fastest growing FM & Support Services in the UK, promoting excellence in facilities management and providing support to over 17,000 members.

BIFM has had a huge impact on the way FSSI pursue potential integral customers; Sprinklers can be seen as a integral business continuity aspect of FM.

“We attended their “Think FM” conference in May which was enlightening and thought provoking. We also have multiple staff participating in BIFM’s training courses to aid their continuous professional development. ”

Managing Director of Service & Maintenance at Fire Security (Sprinkler Installations) Ltd

Who, and What is FM?

BIFM has formally adopted the definition of FM provided by CEN the European Committee for Standardisation and ratified by BSI British Standards:

Facilities management encompasses multi-disciplinary activities within the built environment and the management of their impact upon people and the workplace.

Effective facilities management, combining resources and activities, is vital to the success of any organisation. At a corporate level, it contributes to the delivery of strategic and operational objectives.

Furthermore facilities management provides a safe and efficient working environment, which is essential to the performance of any business.

Facilities management is becoming more and more important for the business world as a critical, strategic business discipline.

Within this fast growing professional discipline, facilities managers have extensive responsibilities for providing, maintaining and developing myriad services. These can range from property strategy, space management and communications infrastructure to building maintenance, administration and contract management.

“Facilities management is the integration of processes within an organisation to maintain and develop the agreed services which support and improve the effectiveness of its primary activities”.

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