The fire brigade are being hailed unnecessarily to a number of schools. Since the time of our emergency services is very valuable we would like to avoid this issue. And so we have got to work solving the problem.

Testing your Pump Switches

On the rare occasion that the switches on the pumps fall out of calibration, the pumps can begin to run. As per the BSEN12845 rules, we set the “Pump Running” signal to a ‘Fire’ signal. This signal forwards to the School’s Fire Alarm Panel, and in turn sounds the Fire Alarm contacting the local fire brigade. The solution we advise for this is to be thorough when undergoing the weekly tests. During these weekly tests please note down the cut-in point of the pumps. If this begins to fall out of calibration then you should contact us right away on the below contact details. Doing so promptly will avoid wrongly contacting the Fire Brigade.

Weekly Testing

On completion of a Sprinkler System we provide client training. This is extremely important in maintaining the reliability of your Sprinkler System. Therefore, we urge that if the training is not understood in its entirety contact us and we will answer your queries or arrange more training. Please also note that, as highlighted above, the Sprinkler System communicates directly to the School’s Fire Alarm Panel and sounds the Fire Alarm, if the testing is undertaken incorrectly and the alarms are not silenced. The fire brigade will be Hailed.

Need Help With Testing?

If you need any assistance with your weekly testing please, contact us on any of the below. Please reference your project name or number and our trained engineers will be on hand to answer your queries and offer advice.


Telephone: 01440 705 815

Further Contact Details available on the Fire Security Website.

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