Waste Management & Recycling – Fire Suppression

Risk of Fire Waste management and recycling facilities face many risks. Fire is a particular risk as waste produces heat which can very easily lead to a blaze. A fire could be accompanied by serious downtime in operations, risk to personnel/equipment, and further financial losses. Waste Management/ Recycling Targets Recent environmental targets have increased the […]

Are you aware of your responsibilities as the Premises User?

Care and Maintenance of Automatic Sprinkler Systems: Premises User’s ongoing, weekly and monthly responsibilities as identified in the LPC Technical Bulletin TB 203:2015 The following tests and checks should be made as applicable by the Premises User’s as stipulated in the LPC Technical Bulletin TB 203: 2015 of ‘LPC Rules For Sprinkler Installations’ incorporating BS […]

Did you know? Sprinkler Head Operation & Types

What types of Sprinkler Heads are available? Fusible Link Sprinklers vs. Glass Bulb Sprinklers All wet-pipe sprinklers are held closed by either a fusible link or a glass bulb that contains a heat-sensitive liquid. A fusible link sprinkler head has a two-part metal element that is fused by a heat-sensitive alloy. The link holds the pip cap, […]

Weekly Testing – Example

Weekly Testing Weekly testing is a very important aspect of maintaining a sprinkler system, it can highlight faults before they ever become an issue. This ensures the reliability of your system. Below is a photographed example of our own Alfie undergoing a weekly test. This is a relatively simple task which can bring light to […]

Sprinkler Saves

Sprinkler Saves We are only just over half way through May with a number of fires reported. Thankfully all of the buildings which had incidents were Sprinkler protected, with the Sprinkler systems successfully activating to control the fire. A sprinkler protected building can ensure business continuity, enhance safety of those within the building, and also […]

We’re Recruiting: Service & Maintenance Engineer

Working within the Service and Maintenance Department, the Sprinkler Service Engineer is often viewed as the face of the Company and as such, the Engineer must have excellent customer relationship and communication skills. We seek an enthusiastic, disciplined and organised candidate with a practical mind-set and a passion for trouble-shooting and resolving all manner of technical […]

Watermist systems: “lacking performance, reliability and the extent of protection”

A recent publication in ‘Fire Risk Managements’ journal discussed the benefits of a sprinkler system installation, over a Watermist Installation.  Lee Wallace reports from the latest monthly lecture held for Association of Insurance Surveyors members, which looked at the protection of commercial risks. Below are a few extracts from the article: “In view of the […]

How do the LPC BS EN 12845:2015 changes affect you?

BS EN 12845:2015 supersedes BS EN 12845:2004+A2:2009 which was withdrawn on 31 December 2015. In January 2016, The Loss Prevention Council (LPC) Rules for Automatic Sprinkler Systems Incorporating BS EN 12845 were revised, meaning numerous changes to the LPC rules which will affect the sprinkler system and how the other building services integrate with it. […]

Fire Safety Accreditations