Thermal Radiation-Activated Sprinklers

FM Global have developed a new design for fire sprinklers which can be activated more efficiently than the current commercial sprinklers. They have an enhanced sensitivity to the thermal radiation emitted by a flame. A sprinkler of this nature is able to activate under scenarios where a current commercial sprinkler would not, or would be delayed.

Limitations of Current Sprinklers

Areas such as open yard storage or grated platforms/mezzanines offer up difficulty to the current commercial sprinklers. This comes from the Sprinkler needing to hit a certain temperature from the convective flow of hot gasses to activate. The hot gasses in this scenario will pass past the sprinkler and will potentially not activate it with thermal radiation alone.

Thermal Radiation Sprinklers

These sprinklers operate using the thermal radiation emitted directly from a flame, rather than the hot gasses rising from a fire. They will activate in areas without a ceiling or a closed heat trap above it such as:

  • External Sprinkler Protection,
  • Sprinkler Protection below Grated Platforms,
  • Areas with a Sprinkler not located below a ceiling.

FM Global

For more on these sprinklers, FM Global are offering the complete findings free of charge in a new research technical report titled ‘Radiation-Activated Sprinklers’;

For FM Global’s News Release, please see the source: Please Click Here

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