Sprinkler Saves

We are only just over half way through May with a number of fires reported. Thankfully all of the buildings which had incidents were Sprinkler protected, with the Sprinkler systems successfully activating to control the fire.

A sprinkler protected building can ensure business continuity, enhance safety of those within the building, and also reduce risk to firefighters lives.

Below is just a few reports of successful sprinkler stops over the last month:

Sprinkler Saves: Factory, Leicester

Evacuation was needed early hours on 4th May at an industrial unit on Tollwell road. Due to a fire thought to be caused by an electrical fault. Fire-fighters from Western Station, Birstall and one from Eastern were in attendance to help extinguish the fire.

The fire involved three compressors and one electric motor on a mezzanine floor, causing severe fire damage to the are. Also heavy smoke damage to the first floor and light smoke damage to ground floor.

A spokesman for Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service commented:

“Two breathing apparatus were in use. The fire was extinguished using hose reel and the factory sprinkler system by 0250hrs.”


Sprinkler Saves: Retail, Birmingham

Birmingham’s Bullring was evacuated on the 28th April. Firefighters rushed to the scene in the city centre when a fire broke out at around 1230hrs.

Both shoppers and staff were told to evacuate the building as firefighters and four fire appliances attended. The fire is thought to have started inside bins at the rear of the building.

The fire had been extinguished by the stores Sprinkler system moments before the arrival of the firefighters arrived. Thousands of pounds worth of jewelry was ruined due to the fire.

The Upper West Mall remained closed to shoppers for around an hour after the alarm was raised, as a result of the fire the jewelers and neighbouring shops closed for the day.

A spokesmen for Bullring commented:

“We can confirm that the fire service attended a small fire in one of the retailers in the centre this afternoon. As a precaution the centre was partially evacuated, as a result centre is now fully open and trading as normal.”


Sprinkler Save: Retail, Southend

A successful Sprinkler stop at the Debenhams store in ‘The Royals’ shopping centre was reported by Essex F&RS on the 25th April.

A fire started in the early hours of the afternoon. It is believed the fire was among garments on the ground floor. All staff and shoppers were evacuated safely.

Staff initially tried to contain the fire with extinguishers and a hose reel however, 2 pendant heads on the store’s Sprinkler system activated to prevent further spread. Essex F&RS were in attendance and the fire was out in around 10 minutes with minimal damage.

The area was cordoned off, therefore the store to reopen for business on the same day.


Sprinkler Saves: Factory, Birmingham

A fire broke out early hours on the 23rd April at Concentric Pumps Ltd. Erdington Fire Station, Aston and Ward End all sent crew along to the scene.

Fire crew saw smoke ‘escaping from the roof’ of the factory. The crew forced their way into the building, sending six officers in with breathing apparatus and two hose reel jets to tackle the blaze.

The site manufactures hydraulic products and diesel engine pumps, the fire crew located the fire in a room on the ground floor of the large two-storey factory.

Extensive damage was caused to the room but the fire was stopped from spreading with the help of the factory’s sprinkler system.

A spokesman from Green Watch commented:

“The fire was contained by the sprinkler system but there was heavy smoke logging to the building which made locating the source difficult, as it is many fires that we attend.”

“Investigations have found that the incident was accidental and caused by an overheating machine. The Sprinkler system has enabled therefore business to open as normal on Monday.”

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