Did you know? – 10-Year Tank Inspection

10-Year Tank Inspection  LPC: BS EN12845 2015: Clause TB203.6: 10-Yearly Routine  As part of the LPC Rules for Automatic Sprinkler Installations 2015 incorporating BS EN12845, at no more than 10-Year intervals, all storage tanks shall be examined internally and the fabric attended to as necessary. Submersible camera equipment remotely operated vehicles (ROV) may in some cases […]

Sprinkler Saves February 2018

Sprinkler Saves In recent weeks there have been several devastating fires on premises which did not have the benefit of sprinkler protection. Below is a few incidents where the installation of sprinklers has saved lives and businesses: A sprinkler protected building can ensure business continuity, enhance safety of those within the building, and also reduce […]

Best Sprinkler System Installation Company- UK

  We are very proud to have been awarded the title of “Best Sprinkler System Installation Company- UK” in this year’s Build Magazine Facilities Management Awards. As well as receiving a trophy to commemorate the title, our Director, Richard Pipe, was asked to write an article to be included within the magazine: “Automatic Fire Sprinklers […]

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