We are very proud to have been awarded the title of “Best Sprinkler System Installation Company- UK” in this year’s Build Magazine Facilities Management Awards.

As well as receiving a trophy to commemorate the title, our Director, Richard Pipe, was asked to write an article to be included within the magazine:

“Automatic Fire Sprinklers are achieving recognition for their importance in building design and safety. Research and publications by the Business Sprinkler Alliance and WSP highlight how sprinklers can impact on and benefit a building’s design. The provision of a fire sprinkler systems, installed as part of a fire engineered, performance based design can reduce capital costs and allow architects greater freedom of design. Inclusion of sprinklers can result in increases fire compartmentation sizes, reductions in structural fire-protection and in fire-fighting shafts, increase travel distances and improve escape staircase configurations. A sprinkler system can reduce a building’s lifecycle costs as another bonus.

“These benefits should not be overlooked in Facilities Management. With a building’s layout impacting user wellbeing, which is a subject that is justifiably a hot-topic. Education and conversation is paramount in this. That is why, earlier this year we started working closely with Suffolk Mind and have introduced a Wellbeing Performance Programme. This consists of the education of all our colleagues in the innate needs and resources of all individuals; which are affected by the working environment.”

“Within our industry, the year has sadly been dominated by the horrific Grenfell Tower disaster. There has been much broadcast regarding the retrofitting of fire sprinklers in similar high-rise developments and rightly so. Numerous councils have committed to installing sprinklers within their tower blocks and there is no doubt that safety of residents would be enhanced. However, the effectiveness of a sprinkler system is totally reliant upon the quality of its design, installation and adequate maintenance. The sudden growth in our industry’s size is likely to result in a proliferation of new sprinkler companies. It is essential that those specifying the inclusion of the systems also specify that the design and installation company is approved by one of the recognised approval bodies, either the LPCB or FIRAS and that the approval level is understood and adequate to the task.”


Fire Safety Accreditations