10-Year Tank Inspection 

LPC: BS EN12845 2015: Clause TB203.6: 10-Yearly Routine 

As part of the LPC Rules for Automatic Sprinkler Installations 2015 incorporating BS EN12845, at no more than 10-Year intervals, all storage tanks shall be examined internally and the fabric attended to as necessary.

Submersible camera equipment remotely operated vehicles (ROV) may in some cases provide a useful means of conducting a tank inspection, without the need of draining the water storage tank. Further information on the ROV inspection can be found below:


An ROV internal inspection will provide evidence of the following:

Tanks shell/liner including any amount of interval debris which could affect the performance of the suction pumps.

Tanks Ancillaries – Suction connection including vortex inhibitor, overflow, heater and drain.

Internal condition of the roof support structure and roof sheeting.


These Images provide an example of a few of the internal checks.





A visual survey of the tanks structure noting any potential problem areas such as corrosion or third party damage.

A plate thickness tests to the bottom two rings and plates reachable from the access ladder.

Checking the condition of the external roof structure and roof sheeting.
Checking the performance of the infill ball valve.


 These images provide an example of a few of the external checks.



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