Sprinkler Saves

In recent weeks there have been several devastating fires on premises which did not have the benefit of sprinkler protection. Below is a few incidents where the installation of sprinklers has saved lives and businesses:

A sprinkler protected building can ensure business continuity, enhance safety of those within the building, and also reduce risk to firefighters lives.Below is just a few reports of successful sprinkler stops over the last month:

Sprinkler Saves: Flats, London

Sprinklers suppressed a fire in a block of flats in London, after the occupants left a chip pan unattended on the hob. Firefighters were called to the fire in a fifteenth floor flat on City Island Way in Poplar last night. When the crews arrived, they found that the sprinkler system in the kitchen had activated and quickly put the out fire.

A senior Fire Safety Officer at the London Fire Brigade, Said:

“The sprinkler system did its job and suppressed the fire before it could damage the flat and potentially injure the residents.”

“We believe a chip pan was left unattended and caught alight. We want to remind people to never leave a pan alone with the heat on – not even for a few seconds.”

Two women and four children left the flat before the Brigade arrived. One infant was treated at the scene by London Ambulance Service crews and was taken to hospital as a precaution. A further 60 residents in the building  self-evacuated the block before firefighters arrived.

Following the tragic Grenfell fire, the London Fire Brigade has renewed the call for residential tower blocks and new school builds to have sprinklers.

The London Fire Commissioner Danny Cotton said in September:

“Now is the time to remind the Government of life-saving recommendations we have been making for years.”

“We are calling for residential tower blocks to be retrofitted with sprinklers and they should be mandatory in all new school builds and major refurbishments.”

“Sprinklers are the only fire safety system that detects a fire, suppresses a fire and raises the alarm. They save lives  and protect property and they are especially important where there are vulnerable residents who would find it difficult to escape, like those with mobility problems.”

Student accommodation, London

Four fire engines were called to a fire in a communal kitchen on a seventh floor in a student accommodation block in Stratford. Around 200 people were evacuated before the fire brigade arrived on the scene and the sprinkler system had suppressed the fire.

A spokesman for the London Fire Brigade said:

“Sprinklers are the only fire safety system which detect a fire, suppresses a fire and raises the alarm”

Shopping Centre, London

A fire in a service area on the second floor of Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford, was controlled and extinguished by the sprinkler system preventing thousands of pounds worth of damage to the building and the businesses inside. Three fire engines and 14 firefighters attended the scene and thousands of people were evacuated with two treated for minor injuries.
A spokesperson for the London Fire Brigade said:

“Sprinklers are proven to save lives and property and also allow businesses to get back to normal as soon as possible by minimising disruption”.

Underground car park, London

London Fire Brigade were called to a report of fire in a underground service car park at an 11-storey apartment block in Lime Harbour. This is part of Baltimore Wharf, a site of 12 buildings and the Arena tower of 46 floors. The 12 buildings are mixed commercial and residential with some affordable housing. The apartments in this block are fitted with a BS9251 sprinkler system The fire occurred in a refuse truck that was completing collections in the B2 car park (sub sub basement).

Fortunately, the area was covered also by a sprinkler system fed from towns mains and a sprinkler head above the fire activated controlling the fire. The fire was contained within refuse vehicle due to the sprinkler activation.

4 appliances were mobilised and LFB personnel used 2 hose-reels and one jet to ensure the fire was fully extinguished resulting in a recycling lorry carrying three commercial wheelie bins being partly damaged by fire 5%. Reports indicate no damage to the underground car-park concrete construction nor apparent smoke damage or water damage from sprinkler activation.

Source: BAFSA Ltd

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