Mental Health Awareness

In February of 2017 Fire Security embarked on a mental health and wellbeing awareness journey with Suffolk Mind. The relationship has since progressed into our participation in their pioneering programme entitled Workplace Wellbeing Performance. The programme is based upon the ‘Human Givens’ approach; we are all born with innate knowledge and resources to meet our […]

Sprinkler Saves May 2018

Sprinkler Saves In recent weeks there have been several devastating fires on premises which did not have the benefit of sprinkler protection. Below are a few incidents where the installation of sprinklers has saved lives and businesses: Unprotected facilities Biggleswade, Warehouse A large blaze at a food warehouse was started when a refrigeration unit caught […]

Service & Maintenance: Fire Hydrants

Service & Maintenance: Fire Hydrants What are Fire Hydrants? Fire hydrants are located in numerous locations to allow the fire brigade to access water from the local mains. As the Fire hydrants are located in numerous locations, some are owned and maintained by water companies or local fire authorities. Whilst the hydrants which are located […]

Fire Safety Accreditations