25-Year Inspections

LPC: BS EN12845 2015, Annex K Clause TB203.3.8: 25-Year Inspections

As part of the LPC Rules for Automatic Sprinkler Installations 2015 incorporating BSEN12845, after 25 years the pipes and the sprinklers should be inspected.

Below is an extract from the document to provide you with an understanding of the checks which are required.

“The pipework should be thoroughly flushed out and hydro-statically tested to a pressure equal to the maximum static pressure or 12 bar, whichever is the higher.”

“The pipework should be internally and externally inspected. At least one metre length of range pipe should be inspected per 100 sprinklers. Two pipe sections of at least one metre length of each pipe diameter should be inspected.”

“All defects which might adversely affect the performance of the system should be eliminated.”

“In the case of wet pipe systems at least one sprinkler installation per building should be checked. If several wet control valve sets are installed in one building only 10% need be inspected.”

“A number of sprinklers should be removed and inspected. Table K.1 specifies the scope of sampling as a function of the total number of sprinklers installed.”

“Table K.1 — Number of sprinklers to be inspected:”


Total number of sprinklers installed                                   Number of sprinklers to be inspected

≤ 5 000                                                                                       20

≤ 10 000                                                                                     40

≤ 20 000                                                                                     60

≤ 30 000                                                                                     80

≤ 40 000                                                                                  100


“The sprinklers should be evaluated for the following:

  1. Operation
  2. Operation temperature
  3. Variation of K-factor
  4. Spray obstacles
  5. Lodgement
  6. Thermal sensitivity”

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