When Fenland Laundries needed expertise to design, install and maintain its sprinkler system as part of a project to build a £5 million state-of-the art ‘microclean’ facility at Louth in Lincolnshire, they called Fire Security.

Fenland Laundries, founded over a century ago, is today firmly established as one of the UK’s most respected names in the field of textile rental and commercial laundry services.

The company operates three factories offering nationwide coverage specialising in three main areas; the food production environment, the leisure and hotel industries and clean room supplies.

The company has used Fire Security for many years and called upon our expertise when they needed a trusted fire prevention service for their new 3,500m2 facility, which included a laundry, an automated garment store, clean room packing areas, and additional office accommodation.

The whole area was initially categorised as ‘ordinary hazard’. However, Fenland Laundries’ future expansion plans dictated a design of sprinkler system that allowed for, not just easy expansion in terms of physical area covered, but also the upgrading to high hazard coverage in the garment storage area.

Fire Security designed a solution that was both cost effective and gave Fenland Laundries the flexibility it required for future growth.

High hazard roof protection was installed within the garment areas fed via an electric fire pump drawing water from a 300m3storage tank.

We also ensured provision was made within the pump-house for additional in-rack control valves and a second diesel fire pump.

Simon Fry, Fenland Laundries managing director, said: “Fenland Laundries has used Fire Security for many years, because of the excellent service and high level of expertise consistently provided.

“In building the new laundry at Louth I required a professional company that I could work with at the design stage and that I knew would subsequently deliver to time and budget constraints. The company has lived up to my expectations, and I would highly recommend them.”

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