PPG Industries manufactures coatings, glass and chemicals and, with high volumes of flammable liquids on site, Fire Security were commissioned to design, build and install a suitable system to meet new UK and EU legislation and to satisfy the company’s US based insurers.

In addition the warehouse needed to maintain full production while the installation was completed.

PPG Industries’ main UK base covers 10,000m2 and they manufacture over 22 million litres of automotive paints that are shipped to over 130 countries.

Fire Security designed a system in accordance with NFPA 13, 30 and 30B using only FM/UL approved materials. Using an existing pumped water supply, we installed 3,400 sprinkler heads at roof level and within the 1,000 racked pallet storage units.

The entire system was fabricated at Fire Security’s factory before being fitted. Fed from eight wet control valve sets, the installation was carried out in 12 separate phases and warehouse operations were not interrupted at any time.

PPG’s site manager Peter How said:

“Fire Security gave us the service and response I was looking for. I knew I could trust their advice, expertise and designs and they never let me down. They are flexible and understand our requirements in maintaining continuous production.”

Fire Safety Accreditations