Fire Security designed and installed a sprinkler system for The Dental Directory, the UK’s largest independent full service dental supplier, with three separate interlinked storage tanks, providing water capacity of 430m3 in two existing 6,500m2 warehouses.

The Dental Directory acquired two existing warehouses that required the installation of an automatic sprinkler system. Totalling over 6,500m2 in area, the risk was classified as high hazard in the high level roof areas and ordinary hazard in the mezzanine and low level areas.

Due to time constraints, the fire sprinkler systems had to be installed after the warehouses were operational. Further complications occurred as a result of physical size limitations at the proposed water storage tank location.

Fire Security designed a system with three separate interlinked storage tanks providing the required total water capacity of 430m3 to meet LPC and insurance regulations.

Duplicate high hazard fire pumps draw water from the interlinked tanks and feed 1,250 sprinkler heads covering both the high and ordinary hazard.

Kevin Perry, Safety Manager at The Dental Directory, said:

“We chose Fire Security because they could meet our timescales, presented a very descriptive and open tender, were competitive in their pricing, locally based and could provide the maintenance cover The Dental Directory required.”

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