The Chief Fire Officers Association endorses the correct installation of sprinklers systems in newly built and refurbished schools.

“CFOA has recognised the importance of sprinklers in schools for many years. School fires continue to occur; latest reports suggest that such fires are getting bigger and more costly. The impact of these fires is significant, not just in financial terms, but also in terms of the devastating effect on the communities they serve, the environment and the disruption to students, teachers and families. The impact on children’s education is not confined to lost course work but often includes longer travelling times, disrupted social groups and poorer facilities.”

The Association of British Insurers published figures in August 2016 highlighting costs associated with fires in educational establishments are increasing. Average costs in 2009 were approximately £330,000 but in 2014
it was £2.8 million; the impact of these fires is clearly becoming more costly and devastating.

Building Bulletin 100 acknowledges the importance of sprinklers and expressly makes their provision a
significant expectation for all new school buildings.

Fire Security (Sprinkler Installations) Ltd are experts in designing, installing and maintaining Fire Sprinkler Systems in educational establishments throughout the United Kingdom.

The London Fire Brigade has long advocated the use of sprinklers and recommends that automatic water fire suppression systems are installed in all new school buildings or substantially refurbished schools.

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